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United Wire Technologies

United Wire Technologies

United Wire Technologies

A fire on May 6, 2012 destroyed United Wire Technologies‘ building in Cleveland, NY. They chose to stay in Oswego County because of the quality of life and available workforce. Financing and incentives made it a sound business decision.

A 14,400-square-foot building was found that gave them the space they needed and room to expand. During the renovation, care was taken to make the space as green as possible. UWT took this opportunity to acquire new state-of-the art equipment.

Owners Jim, Don and Mike Ransom are proud of the fact that they used local companies and local labor during the renovation of their new facility.

Investment: $1.2 million
Jobs Created: 6
Jobs Retained: 8

"After a catastrophic fire, we received multiple offers to relocate our manufacturing facilities. We chose to stay and expand in Oswego County due to the superior quality of the workforce, overwhelming community support, and the responsive assistance from Operation Oswego County."

Jim Ransom

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