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Planning and Coordination
Planning and Coordination

Planning and Coordination, Specialized Research and Technical Assistance, Industry/Government Liaison

Planning and Coordination

Planning and Coordination:

We can help facilitate the necessary permitting including DEC and SEQR. We also help coordinate regulatory and incentive processes at the state and federal level.

Specialized Research and Technical Assistance:

OOC and partner organizations can provide businesses with information and data to assist in decision making including demographic research, business plan assistance, trend data and localized market information.

Industry/Government Liaison: OOC staff serve on multiple local, regional and state boards including:

  • Central New York Regional Economic Development Council;
  • Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board;
  • Empire State Development Corporation;
  • New York State Economic Development Council; and
  • Northeast Economic Developers Association.
They serve as liaisons between firms and governmental agencies.