Small Business Training
Oswego County Micro-Enterprise Program

Micro-Enterprise Program

Small Business Training

Oswego County Micro-Enterprise Program

2022 Small Business Training Classes

Class will be taught online via GoToMeeting.
All classes are held from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Tuition for this online class will be $50. Limited scholarships will be offered.

January 24-28, January 31 and February 1

June 6-10 and 13-14:

September 12-16 and 19-20:
Registration and payment for the class must be done online.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Small Business Ownership

  • Meet the class participants and learn about one of the best ways to meet new customers
  • Meet and listen to current small business owners as they share their insights on owning and
           operating a small business
  • Learn the basic steps of small business start-up and the resources available

Business Planning and Financing

  • Introduction to the written business plan and how to start writing your own plan
  • Learn how to go about obtaining funds from a bank
  • Learn how to check your credit history and how to address any related credit problems

Risk Management

  • Learn about the use of business insurance as one aspect of risk management for your business

Financial Statements and Accounting

  • Learn how to do a cash flow statement for your business
  • Find out what taxes you will be required to pay, when and how to pay them
  • Learn how to keep track of simple financial records and how to keep books for your business,
           as well as how this relates to your important tax information


  • Find out how to identify your market, how to advertise to that market, and how to retain

Business Legalities

  • Learn about sole proprietorships/corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Learn how to avoid potential legal problems in your business

Loan Program

  • Below-prime rate loans are available to graduates

For more information, or to register for a class, visit the SBDC Micro Enterprise Program web page.