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Projects & Testimonials
Projects & Testimonials

Projects & Testimonials

“Being in the fresh-to-market food industry, Oswego County allows us to be located at the heart of our supply and, with a highly accessible transportation network, the quickest to market.”
Jeremy Dygert of Champlain Valley Specialty NY, maker of Grab Apples

“We knew that starting a logistics company meant adapting to our customers’ constantly changing service and fulfillment requirements. With interstate highway, rail and maritime infrastructures, Oswego County is a natural crossroads enabling logistics versatility and ready access between New England, Canada and world markets.”
George Joyce, CEO, Laser Transit, 3rd party logistics provider

“After a catastrophic fire, we received multiple offers to relocate our manufacturing facilities. We chose to stay and expand in Oswego County due to the superior quality of the workforce, overwhelming community support, and the responsive assistance from peration Oswego County.”
Jim Ransom, President, United Wire Technologies, third-generation wire manufacturing firm

“We chose to start our business in Oswego County because it's where our friends and family are. It's home. Working with OOC made it possible. Their partnerships with the Small Business Development Center and area banks enabled us to create a strong financial package. Their support gave us the confidence to keep moving forward. They made the whole plan work!”
Tim Murphy, Owner, Murphy’s Automotive Services