The Project

In 2011, the company acquired a 27,000-square-foot building that was previously used for food processing.

CVS chose to expand in Oswego County partially because it is located between their raw material (apples) suppliers and their major markets. They also recognized the local availability of a skilled workforce with food processing experience and a strong work ethic. Finding an available food processing facility that could be quickly retrofitted for their use, along with the pro-business environment in Oswego County, gave Champlain Valley the confidence that this was the right business decision for them.

Workers sorting sliced apples at CF Oswego, formerly Champaign Valley Specialty.

CVS produces “Grab Apples,” locally grown apples that are sliced, packaged and sold to retail and institutional markets. The slices are preserved with Vitamin C and calcium and stay fresh for approximately three weeks.


$4.5 Million

Jobs Created


A Second Project

In 2012, the company expanded and acquired a second building totaling 70,000-square-feet for a future presorting line and warehousing capacity.


$1.1 Million

Jobs Created



"Being in the fresh-to-market food industry, Oswego County allows us to be located at the heart of our supply and, with a highly accessible transportation network, the quickest to market."

Jeremy Dygert
Vice President of Operations