Waste Water Treament Plant aerial

Location - Town of Volney

  • Former wastewater Treatment Plant that served a large former brewery/beverage production facility
  • 13.2 kV National Grid line feeds the facility's substation
  • Zoned Industrial
  • Adjacent parcels available
  • Opportunity for service to adjacent manufacturing facilities or operate as regional WWTP
  • Hydraulic capacity by design and per average is 5.2 MGD
  • Hydraulic capacity peak is 10 MGD
  • BOD capacity 65,000 pounds per day without nutrient removal
  • Primary solids capacity 35,750 pounds per day without nutrient removal


  • 103-acre site
  • 17,000 square foot control building
  • Constructed in 1976, expanded in 1982


L. Michael Treadwell, Operation Oswego County, Inc., ooc@oswegocounty.org or 315-343-1545